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Re: WWE is between The Rock & a Hard Place.

When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness“. -Tecumseh.

If you didn’t already know from previous Blog Entries; am a massive fan of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Many people ask why I follow something I know is faked & staged? My response is always; that millions of people in Britain are devoted viewers of ‘EastEnders’ & ‘Coronation Street’. Soap operas that depict the fictional lives of working class people based in London [‘Eastenders’] & Manchester [‘Coronation Street’]. Both are the most watched Television Programs in the UK & a large percentage of the population know the names of each individual character but NOT the name of one member Cabinet of their own Government..!!

The following shows how obsessive; certain viewers can become confusing TV fiction with reality..!!

A British Fan of ‘Coronation Street’ wearing a T-Shirt in a campaign to free from Jail the character ‘ Gail Platt’.

An actual campaign resulting in some people even making communication with their local Minister for Parliament on behalf  of  ‘ Gail Platt’ demanding her instant release..!! This is the UK, a nation that’s 6th largest in the World for GDP.   

Therefore; being a fan of WWE isn’t really to be mocked at; as at least the individuals involved are a mixture of Athletes, Actors, Comedians, Movie Stunt Performers, Circus Performers even Entrepreneurs.

Official T-Shirts made by the WWE are more fashionable than what can be seen above Photo.

Selling oneself as a Wrestler is vital; get the other 5 points on point, then have a creative say in your products more Merchandise         of that Wrestler get’s bought = more time on air / Main Event entertainer.

You can’t help but admire everybody involved in that profession that attempts to be 6 different things at once.

Then in addition; the organization’s Travel Schedule is without doubt the toughest in ANY Sport or Entertainment  Industry…

Each year – 300 days going to nations as varied as Chile, Romania, China & New Zealand.

Have a look at this & one word comes into play…  major Jet-Lag: http://www.wwelivetour.com/eventlistings

Hilary Clinton in her current role does some Air-Miles yet she doesn’t then have to give an energetic performance in a handicap match against Lay-Cool.

The WWE has had some unforgettable individuals, my own personal favourites being…

Slick – a sort of 70’s pimp gangster lean Don King type of guy that was a Manager of numerous Wrestlers in the late 8o’s / early 90’s.

Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart – the nickname gives a good indication but with a personality similar to ‘The Thing’ of ‘The Fantastic Four’.

Macho King Randy Savage – a former fan favourite that became bitter & paranoid due to his feelings of a conspiracy against him.

Yet, the most unforgettable is without doubt The Rock; I’ll let the Video explain during his late 90’s / early 2000 prime…

He left the WWE to pursue a career as a Hollywood Movie Star & has had a decent time. It could have been an embarrassing move but instead has been credible whilst NOT spectacular.

Yet, for some unknown reason at the age of 38 he decides to make his return to the WWE & face perhaps the Wrestler that’s has the best stamina  in John Cena. Whilst this is puzzling what more is that the actual match will occur at Wrestlemania 28 on April 1st 2012?

By the WWE already announcing this match one year in advance; it’s placed itself in a hard place. In the age of the disposable; can fans be expected to have an… ‘almost childlike urge  for the next Christmas Day on Boxing Day type of excitement‘ for this match?

What can possibly occur to make this match actually reach the levels of hype that it has already created especially via Social Networking? The old saying is ‘strike whilst the iron is hot’ yet the WWE Universe will have to wait an entire year… very strange decision.

Another negative; is currently the WWE has a roster of real talent of that would easily sell the Championship…

The Big Show, Alberto Del Rio, Dolph Ziggler, David Otunga, John Morrision, R Truth, Rey Mysterio jr, CM Punk, Randy ‘The Viper’ Orton, Christian, Ezekiel Jackson, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett & Kane.

Whilst looking for a YouTube Video to provide evidence of the above, I came across Glen Jacobs a.k.a Kane speaking on his personal political beliefs. He’s highly impressive in the manner that he explains his opinions:

So, actually being a long-standing WWE Champion wouldn’t be a problem for him to push yet WWE seems to stick to both favourites & keep returning to established stars of it’s past? How must the rest of the roster feel, am puzzled as a Fan yet they live it daily?

I attended the annual WrestleMania Party at my friends due to the way the English School Calendar was this week due to Half-Term; I watched it with his 9yr old & Wife along with 9 other guests. Whilst eating take-away from Pizza Hut & KFC, laughing at when rival wrestlers got beat. My the hosts 9yr old wasn’t to impressed with me when Rey Mysterio jr lost to the Cody Rhodes.

Yet getting back to the point, debate at the WrestleMania Party began on the WWE’s instance of constantly playing it safe instead of giving it’s current considerable talent an opportunity to shine.

WrestleMania 27 was Triple H, The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock ALL on the same Card… it’s not 2001.

Maybe, it’s the alleged favouritism that the McMahon Family hold within the organization… if they like you; then you’re ‘in’ BIG Time.

Personally, am not that impressed with The Miz as a complete package due to all the previous great Champions not needing a support act unlike him with the annoying Alex Riley.

Maybe, that’s the angle in having The Miz as Champion in that Fans will always question his ability… The Ultimate Heel.

Yet, if I was on the WWE roster I wouldn’t be to happy that Vince McMahon & the Family seem to view The Miz as their ‘Blue Eyed Boy’.

I also don’t buy all this NEW found respect that everybody has for The Miz; he has adequate in-ring ability but great communication skills that actually sell arenas & Pay Per-Views. People have to remember that in terms of pure Wrestling ability; John Morrison is superior. Yet this proves what’s currently wrong with the Talent Scouts & / or those that direct the Story-Lines at the WWE.

My solutions are…

Let’s have a WWE; that has gives ALL its talent equal opportunity & confidence in that ANY of them can be Main Event material especially at Wrestlemania. More importantly, I’d like to see more unpredictability within the organization such as…

  • ALL Championships changing hands at House Shows especially on foreign tours (non-televised events) such as Liverpool.
  • Stop having guaranteed Elite Wrestlers e.g Edge, John Cena & Sheamus getting all the decent exposure along with story-lines.
  • Invest in actors / comedians teaching talent how to better project themselves / persona’s by going on the road with the WWE.
  • New & current WWE African-American talent to be better promoted; after the last Election am sure White America can deal with a World Champion of any racial background & nationality.
  • Bring back the old style WWF recorded Promos & having less Mic In-Ring Time as not everybody’s a good live on the Mic e.g                            Daniel Bryan, Chris Masters & Heath Slater etc. have In-Ring ability but terrible on the Mic.
  • Cyber Sunday needs reinstatement, as an event that perfectly connected to the 21st Century Digital Age but was scrapped?
  • Championships changing hands on Raw, Smackdown & Superstars. As fans know they ONLY occur on Pay-Per-Views.
  • Gobal WWE Fan Panel Forum, a contest could be created. These travel with the WWE & delivering reports on improvements / suggestions.

As a Kid when I first fell in love (that’s the correct term) with the World Wrestling Federation, due to it’s unique energy with amazing personalities

The fella below was the first Wrestler, I connected with & became a fan of due to having a personality but excellent Wrestling ability; as seen in the below Video:

Yet, was never given the push to become a World Champion. I hope this doesn’t happen to any of the current roster…

always Best Man but NEVER The Groom‘.

The WWE seems not to get talent like Mr. Perfect these days? Now, it seems talent is coming from those that couldn’t make it as Pro NFL or NBA Players, Reality Television, Good Looking Females e.g The Bella Twins.

The Miz being a prime example of this new approach to WWE Recruitment; he might be awesome but he’ll NEVER be Perfect.

Back to the theme of this Blog Entry…

The Rock had his day & next year in his Home Town of Miami; I predict he’ll make a fool of himself & tarnish  that legacy of his.

He should have never returned & left Professional Wrestling in his earlier superb prime.

Maybe he should get a book about Tecumseh & learn about a real legend.

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Re: Internet is making fools of ‘The Mighty’.

From Blogger – Monday 21st February 2011

The Internet is making ordinary people aware of extreme wealth that exists.

This knowledge is creating questions that lead to more eventually leading
to protest occurring including direct action.

No longer can those that either have this mentioned vast wealth or those
whom are friendly with them can escape these concerns due to them
being connected with the instant digital connected age; as the public
view this age as being about FREEDOM & Instant Super Fast.

Egypt is the perfect example of this in that mass protest was created
as a feeling rather than the possibly ‘old’ needed leadership –
‘Tip of the Pyramid’ conducting the band.
Mohamed ElBaradei attempted to become this figurehead for the
Anti-Mubarak movement but just didn’t get it possibly due to being
68yrs old; people didn’t want a leader but an organic movement.

The Mob it seems doesn’t run on instinct but Twitter;
as seen by the reaction below.


In the days before the Internet; Egypt might have been a little segment
on the news now due to it a Internationalist perspective is emerging.
People demand emotion, then instant ‘I want it NOW’ attitude &
accessibility through Air-Travel is possible.

A growing number of people in the developed word can via saving income
travel to at least one exotic or distance location within their life-time that
was unavailable to their ancestors.
In the early 20th Century; vacation to Egypt was only for the people with
wealth; now in the early 21st Century my Barber lists
Sharm el-Sheikh along with Hong Kong as his favourite places he’s visited.

People that wouldn’t normally be connected… are & that’s the point.
David Letterman even mocked Hosni Mubarak’s speech.

The lack of understanding of this new Digital Age can be seen in the
manner that Saif al-Islam (Colonel Gaddafi’s son) addresses what he
believes is directly to the Libyan population when in-fact it went Global
without the assistance of the state broadcaster.

The Body Language is casual along with words provided.
It seems that even for a young man Saif al-Islam seems to forget that
his people will make direct comparisons with the presentation manner of
President Obama. This compare & contrast can occur due to the Digital age
with people using proxy servers to bi-pass State Controls on the Internet.

Some experts reaction to Saif al-Islam’s speech is rather than calm
the situation in Libya; it’s made it worse as he’s been shown to be an
embarrassment whom has power.
Thus making their nation appear across the Globe as a foolish joke.

Be warned that the below speech is a disgrace for an individual whom
sees himself as a future leader of a nation.
At least Mubarak stood up & looked like a Leader rather than giving the
impression of an arrogant Sir Alan Sugar licker attempting to survive getting
fired in the ‘Board Room’ like Saif’s does.

Yet, the theme of this Blog isn’t just around goings on the Arab World but
also connects with the City that am currently living in Liverpool, UK.

Activists are using Technology as a means of cleverly promoting their
message using humour that’s one thing which can’t be replicated.

I like the ‘Sheep’ section of the video as that currently is the question of
what’s going on in the UK. Some people just care about themselves
attempting to ignore the current economic & social situation.

I personally feel that it’s not yet my time to activity ‘get off the bench’ &
become a player.
As I’ve said in previously am going through an emotional awakening as
Science as been my obsession since 6yrs old; its wonders blocked me
from a lot of things. So; am getting use to looking at the world in a new light
even my interaction with Liverpool is changing.

I saw the city as a place of study & work now due to my current employment
situation am being to see it as my home.
Am stuck with it; so the relationship has changed.
Am from the South of the UK & at times I feel that am in another nation not
just a couple of hundred miles north.

Yet, the thing that grabs me is the laugh the jokes the knowledge of life
being cruel yet also ironic. This is summed up in the below Video.

I’ve got a feeling about Liverpool as a City & a people… something may rise
that might impact the entire nation maybe even the world.

It’s intense & unpredictable but always funny.
An enjoyable mystery to me; at the moment.

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Re: Attack of The Liverpool Clones.

From Blogger – Thursday 30th December 2010

Living in Liverpool (UK) is always interesting; due to the unpredictability of the place.
The natives can exhibit moments of raw aggression accompanied at times with violence that would give Martin Scorsese nightmares.

If you don’t believe me or disagree with my observations, have a read of the Cities Daily Newspaper: The Liverpool Echo http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/

You’ll get Headlines that will make you rush for the Anti-Depressants; yet residents always argue that the manner that Liverpool is portrayed is constantly negative?

The other side of this City can be the genuine warmth of people with an example of the amount is raised for Charity by its population.
Along with a type of humour that’s funny without being demeaning or at the expense of others. This cannot be said of my time living in Manchester or Leeds where its deemed appropriate to humiliate people under the excuse of traditional historical humour.

Yet, the reason for this Blog Entry is my puzzlement at Scouse Cultural Fashion.

Exhibit A:

I was in a Starbucks located in the new & highly impressive Liverpool One Retail Park, enjoying the company of some former work colleagues.
When nearly every other Adult Male that entered was wearing the above Jacket..!!
Now whilst I can recognize that trends in Fashion do exist, as without them Fashion wouldn’t.

It was sort of uncomfortable watching all these Men wearing the exact same garment; in this age of the individual; why would people want to look the same?

It got me thinking that this might be something that’s totally unique to Liverpool & then I realized Exhibit B:

The young lady is Alex Gerrard or is it Curran? The Wife of Liverpool Football Captain, Steven Gerrard.

Mrs. Gerrard or is it Ms. Gerrard, what are the rules around this now?
Do Women that are Married like to be know as Mrs. or Ms.
Yet, being called Ms means that the Woman isn’t Married… any clarity on this issue please.

Back to my point, Mrs. Gerrard is seen thee Ultimate Scouse Female as shown in the above Photo.

When walking in Liverpool City Centre doing some Shopping or even on a Night-Out; it worrying the amount of Young Woman are clones of Alex.

Thus we reach the conclusion around this Blog Entry; maybe the thing that makes Liverpool unique is uniform in terms of group psychology of its resident native population that then manifests itself in actual Fashion.

As an outsider, I wish this would end but maybe this approach is what keeps the City together.
A person I know that comes from the City told me best at a time when I was new to Liverpool…

You hate the place but then when you leave you miss it, as nothing the same anywhere“.

Now after a time in Starbucks, I sort of have a handle on what they mean.

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