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Re: Suffragette to Slutwalk.

On Wednesday 11th May 2011, as normal I watched the BBC’s Flagship News Program – ‘Newsnight‘.

A debate occurred around something that was totally new to me;
an inter-continental neo-Feminist movement known as…


At first, I couldn’t believe what I had just heard then whilst a report gave background around the movement.

Then back to the studio with the For & Against Guests…  Zoe Margolis (For) & Louise Bagshawe MP (Against).

Please watch the tragic picture-show below…

Let’s understand this basic rule:

An individuals environment impacts on their psychology.

So let’s take this fact just a bit further in…

People’s behaviour / self-expression impacts upon others.

Not Rocket Science or Brain Surgery but am sure for all you people of logic you can grasp my theory to have some basis.

So a situation occurs we’re a Police Officer is alleged to have made a statement that’s gone viral.

Anybody that disagrees with ME is an idiot…

I say that whilst blunt the Police Officer does have some logic yet because we are currently trapped in this age of
‘Ego meeting Ultra Political Correctness’; people cannot have a view without being criticized or as we say in England ‘slagged off’.

A good friend is a School Teacher working with the Secondary (High School for North American’s) phase of Compulsory Education. What’s occurred since 2000 is the amount of Parents that deem criticism along with certain observations of their Child during the School Report / Parent’s Evening time; as actually being in my friends own words…

“A personal attack on both their integrity & parenting skills”.

This common example of Ego meeting Ultra Political Correctness in British Society has meant that the majority of their colleagues are no longer totally honest with Parents due to not being able to deal with numerous shouting matches & letter of complaint AGAINST Teaching Staff..!!

You might be reading this & say how does my friend the Teacher know it’s a UK wide issue & not a specific geographic problem? Well during national conferences that the teaching establishment hold yearly in the Bar’s, Canteen’s & smaller debating rooms this is a common complaint with numerous examples from Teachers working in ALL levels on UK Compulsory Education.

What’s worrying according to my friend is that this attitude might have tragic impact on the actual social fabric of the UK…

The population as a whole will have the mindset that any behaviour along with personal opinion is correct &
if this is challenged then it is a personal insult.

My friend uses this theory for the reason for sudden violence that occurs within School’s across the UK; an insult spoken in their day of being a School Pupil wouldn’t have resulted in the Police being called in due to a serious assault occurring leaving both parties needing hospital treatment.

An example of this massive overreaction fuelled by 21st Century Ego was around one pupil saying that their School Bag was better than another fellow Pupils. It resulted in the instigator losing 4 Front Teeth & the person whom the comment was directed having an ear hanging off needing urgent surgery..!!

After being told this nasty example, I asked why the Teachers as a sector didn’t publicly make noise about having to work in such violent environments. The response from my friend an experienced Teacher was…

“The Media, Parents, Population & Political Class would place all the blame at us because they themselves refuse to take responsibility due to Ego.
So, Teachers especially Principals will not raise these concerns”.

Another example of how this current age is socially complex, the anger directed at Michael Moore around his personal viewpoint around the assassination of Osama bin Laden by his Government. Moore would have preferred the unarmed bin Laden to have faced a trial for the entire various crimes he committed.

Moore uses the example of how the American’s held The Nuremberg Trials against leading Senior Nazi Command rather than on discovery placing a bullet in each of their heads.

For holding this reasonable opinion using an actual historical event as the foundation of his argument.
Moore has been attacked on all sides of the Media as being un-American along with insulting the military for expressing his views.

Democracy isn’t just about having the legal & moral justification to say anything but also be willing to
debate & understand how the ‘opposition’ views your standpoint.

Yet, Michael Moore get’s criticized for simply expressing a view that’s goes against a larger amount of people?

I’ve seen clothing that’s worn by Women to be extremely attention grabbing along with behaviour; some of which has taken place at work rather than on a Saturday Night.

Women MUST take responsibility for their actions this being clothing, behaviour & communication.

An example being Pop Music, nearly every song I hear from Rihanna has some overt sexual tone then the videos & TV Performances. Yet, millions if not billions of Young Females look towards her as a fashion icon & / or role model
(regardless of if she deems herself to be actually be promoting herself as this; once you are deemed ‘cool’ then you will become this).

Nearly every Female Pop Star needs to show some arse in selling their product; as a Man I like this but it’s a marketing tool.
Whilst some people reading this might argue that ‘it’s them using their Feminine Sexuality’ in being successful; isn’t it Men that own those record labels giving possible direction on what they want their employee (The Pop Star) to wear?

Will we ever see a day when major Global Female Pop Stars don’t need to have every other video being overtly sexual; I figure this will not occur.

I wonder those going on those numerous ‘Slutwalks’ will also speak against the promotion of flesh / ass shaking / interesting clothing styles provided in numerous Music Videos by…

Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Nicki Minaj, Jessie J &                Jennifer Lopez.

Women see this as liberation; evidence that they are free but they are still within a ‘misogynist constructed labyrinth’ of which they have yet to actually figure that it’s a maze. How many Young Women on a Global level are directly influenced by those mentioned Pop Stars whom can’t separate performance from realistic social norms?

These are Women that are promoting the exact same view of Women as seen in videos made by Male counterparts..!!

How many children / Teenagers / Young People can have the confidence with a Parent or Trusted Adult to talk about Sexual Behaviour?

As a species we can do some much yet still find difficulty when talking about emotions of a romantic passionate sexual basis; for the majority that’s how we are alive?

Using an example from popular culture; ‘those whom are still plugged into The Matrix are unaware that their existence as they know it; is actually an sophisticated computer program’. 

Self Control ‘Alarm’ – break in case of emergency…

It’s been used by many involved in the Slutwalk movement that Men MUST use ‘Self-Control’ when dealing with Women.
Firstly, I find the term ‘Self-Control’ as almost putting Men on-par with Pet’s.

I’ve NEVER had to use ‘Self-Control’ as I have respect for Human Beings.
When it comes to Sex, I always submit to the Women placing her at the centre of everything in those intimate moments.

Man is biologically stronger but by submitting it makes the Female relaxed thus giving confidence to her that no harm will occur.

I would advise that those involved especially at a Senior Level within the Slutwalk Movement NOT to use to term ‘Self-Control’ instead replaced with ‘Respect’; as this is less Man Bashing.

Saturday Night Fever….

Yet, unfortunately not every Male has these personal ideals along with the fact that the Western World has a hard-wired connection with hedonism. This exists using my Socialist opinion due to the pressures that Capitalism places on the individual.
Evidence of this being the fact that the UK spends more money on obtaining Illegal Narcotics than ANY other nation in Europe.

Alcohol & Britain have a long established friendship.

We British also have issues around the expression of emotions along with being classified as an angry nation.
As I’ve mention in a previous post (available on this have a search for it), no other nation seems to constantly moan about it’s weather system than the British as if it should be Mediterranean..!! Every other nation seems to happily except their weather systems but all we do is moan about the rain, when in fact we should jump for joy that we get more than enough.

Louise Bagshawe MP mentioned at the start of her input into the above  BBC ‘Newsnight’ debate; that if an Adult Female decides
to walk on the street naked then this doesn’t give any Man the justification to rape her..!!

I’ll therefore send a ridiculous experiment for Louise Bagshawe MP to partake in…

She can enjoy a Summer’s night out in Liverpool City Centre completely naked & see the impact this has on the psychology on people especially Males whom have taken large amounts of Alcohol with some even taking Illegal Narcotics.

How Fashion IS a Statement …

For an MP that was an surreal comment to make but she said this not me.

Yet, whilst that was surreal what was even worse was from Zoe Margolis whom said…

“People shouldn’t be judged on what they wear”.

If that’s the case then let’s get rid completely of uniform or rules on appropriate clothing for certain occasions, perhaps?

Huw Edwards presenting a major national event on the BBC News at Ten wearing an T-Shirt, G-Shock Watch, Jeans & some fly Adidas…

The clothes don’t make the person, therefore going on Zoe Margolis rule; as long as Huw Edwards could still provide a professional consistent service he should wear what clothing he wants.

Clothing is highly important as people DO judge others on this basis; whilst it might be deemed as shallow the majority of people do.

I recently went to a Job Interview & whilst I did have the qualifications, skills, experience & references to get the vacancy I dressed in a Suit rather than a Adidas Liverpool Football Club Home Shirt, Jeans & Nike Air Jordan’s VI.

Dress links with possible indication of that individuals psychology or what they want to project to others.

You’ve got to know your History…

I wished those engaged in these upcoming Slutwalk’s look at the origins of the Feminist Movement –

The Suffragette’s.

Whilst like those whom I think want to be known as ‘Sluts’, they in their time wanted to re-claim the word Suffragette.
Not that the word Slut was around even then yet they chose another more suitable word.

The thing I admire about The Suffragette Movement is that they looked at…

The structure of the society & the historical interaction between Male & Female from the very start of existence.

This accurate investigation meant they knew how Men especially those in positions of power (Political, Business, Religious, Media & Monarchy) in advance would react to their demands. This is the reason why they won & Women in this early 21st Century age are enjoying the ‘fruits of their labour’.

‘To win any game you must know it’s rules & history’  – Iso21stcentman [2011].

21st Century shizzle…

Women in this age must be willing to understand Men as they demand that Men understand them.

Men must be willing to express their own Sexual Thoughts rather than actually hold all this sexual frustration anger rage; that unfortunately many have possible legacy of centuries of severe Christianity throughout the Western World.
Sex is shame & all that.

Am afraid those who are going on these ‘Slutwalks’ are just misdirected instead they should protest against Women in Popular Culture that rather than empower pander to Male sexual fantasy that confuses both Male & Female around Sexual Conduct.

If people in Liverpool got upset every time, members of the Police said something that was controversial in public nothing would get done. It’s standard.

My final point summary is the word Slut is just that & rather than marching for something misguided people need to come together for Human Rights meaning Freedom, Equality, Empathy & Ending of Poverty.

The real issue is instead of having a movement that attacks Male viewpoints on Females, we need to focus on those whom own what’s known as

The Means of Production.

The smallest percentage whom own the majority that control our lives via influence through the Mass Media, Law, Politics, Religion, Art, & Culture.

People need to stop this in-fighting of their specific cause being greater than others; Women’s Rights is important but we are ALL Human.

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Re: Is pacifism within our Western Culture creating violence?

From Blogger – Wednesday 23rd March 2011

Am 28yrs old & my first encounter with violence was during my very 1st year
in School or Infants as we call it in 1988.

What I remember was feeling angry because of a random attack by a fellow classmate; he hit me for no reason. After the crying & being separated comforted by the Teacher; he did it again. Yet, what occurred in me was a feeling was pure rage.
I just began to slap him again & again & again; The Bully became the victim.

He was curled up in the cloakroom; crying until the same Teacher whom looked after me stooped my attack. When asked why I did it I shouted
“He HIT ME”.
I can still instantly connect to the pure feeling of punishing him in that righteous manner.

My classmates along with Teachers we’re in shock for the rest of the afternoon. This gave me the realization that being violent isn’t popular or impresses people.
Both The Bully & victim (me) we’re separated from the rest of the class not in a physical separate desks manner but cold shoulder approach.

I got collected by my Farther who’s was told about the incident; he just said in his typical Yorkshire attitude…
“Shouldn’t ‘ave started with me Lad, should he”.

The Teacher actually agreed* [this point is vital, I’ll refer to it later].

Later on in my Life my Farther would tell me stories of people in his Industrial Factory Age of working having fights with Management.
Whilst this reads as shocking; it created a natural order equilibrium as Line Management wouldn’t exploit the workforce.
If they did then it would no longer be Employee & Manager; it would be Man vs. Man.

Yet, the age of Industry has left the Western World & re-located to China thus we live along with work in the Age of Information… different attitudes (some for the better… Sexual Equality being one) different type of work.

The following day everything was normal expect one classmate called me possibly out of both respect & fear… Panthro Which as the day progressed the majority called me this title expect The Bully.
This is the reason why I was given this nickname & the first in the class to have one.

Watch from 3mins : 48secs (it fades for a short 2second break but returns)

This type of Children’s Cartoon wouldn’t be allowed in this early 21st Century due to it’s pure action based on conflict & violence.

This named stayed with me till the end of Junior school.
Whilst, it was a cool name it was born out of another child connecting me with a tough & violent cartoon character. Due to The Bully feeling pain & humiliation he never repeated his random acts on violence on anybody.

Fights occurred afterwards I might have another two during my time in the Infant & Junior School but the lesson was the pain of getting hit isn’t nice unlike what’s seen on the TV or Movies.
So, by experiencing such nerves, distress, possible humiliation & pain fighting sort of didn’t occur by the time Secondary School happened. The slap’s & fists we’re replaced by very foul language usually about each others Mother’s inspired by the humour of watching…

Then by 12yrs old; you start getting interested in the opposite sex. Girls simply aren’t into Boy’s that get satisfaction in dishing punches on others; as these types are emotionally backward.

If fights did occur; then they we’re allowed to happen in the Playground for a manner of time until the Teacher on duty skilfully broke it up at a stage when both fighters could claim victory thus feeding both Teenage ego’s.

That was then, what happens now is…

Due to what I classify as the Feminisation of Western Society; violence / self-defence is frowned upon. A ‘Social faux pas’ would be the best description.
Due to compensation culture; School’s have no choice to forget that *1980’s attitude as mentioned earlier & have zero-tolerance even if a Child does so in Self-Defence.

The following 2011 incident from Australia; has gone viral around the world [it’s Portuguese subtitles / English audio]:

Yet, BOTH students have been warned about their conduct. When it’s obvious that the only one whom should be disciplined is the arrogant Bully.

In the UK; it’s now common for students to face expulsion if a fight is ‘deemed serious’. These would have been expected just 15yrs previously as a stage of progression.

Currently; in the UK our Children are becoming more violent yet violence is deemed as wrong especially within Compulsory Education. My opinion is that whilst not to be promoted violence around Children needs to be seen as part of the growing process. Elements of human nature whilst not nice are confrontation & violence; the way to solve this is to first expect what we are & we’re we came from…

If people didn’t get turned on by violence why do people still watch Films about it or have friends round to watch the big Pay-Per-View Boxing Fight.

Some examples that we all are popular within contemporary culture…

That Pencil ain’t to complete his Newspaper Crossword..!!

This is perhaps my favourite WWE Match of ALL-Time; simply cause it’s vicious:

Feminisation & pacifism is attempting to eradicate these urges in people yet they cannot be controlled. The worrying aspect is Adults are now becoming violent with more regularity especially on a the Saturday night out.
The Booze & Illegal Narcotics play a massive role but they allow the what’s inside a person to be released.

Whilst this movement of feminisation & pacifism has good intentions; it’s simply having the opposite effect. Then people feeling isolated due to this Capitalist Target Driven Materialistic Being Young / Trendy Vanity obsessed society; people are angry or doubt others & more worrying themselves.
This results in anger.

The ONLY way Human’s as a species can evolve is if we expect everything about our collective Psychology… we are greedy, selfish, lustful, jealous, lazy, hard, ignorant, working, disciplined, kind, insightful etc etc…

Yet we try to repress the negative by saying this or that isn’t Socially expectable yet the major powers of the Western World fight War’s / Conflicts with their Military.

The ironic thing about Violence in School’s are the promotion of the Armed Forces in School as a possible career path in the majority of the Western world..!!

The current UK Government want to promote former Military staff to become School Teachers; they claim to re-gain discipline that’s been lost especially within areas of poverty. So… people that have been trained to be aggressive & kill on order are now going to be teaching in School’s we’re children fighting results in possible suspension / expulsion?

This latter point sums up the hypocritical stance that exhibits in the Western World e.g open expression of Pornography is frowned upon yet when major corporations use sexual images in their Ad’s it’s deemed acceptable even if they are broadcast during Prime Family viewing Time?

If the President views Colonel Gaddafi as being a kinda Bully or more serious kind; why doesn’t he start a conversation with him explaining what he’s doing is wrong?
Cause am sure the Campaign gives instructions on how to report Bullying & also attempting to show ‘why it’s not cool to be one‘.

So, much for the Noble Institute thinking that giving him the Peace Award might make him more Jimmy Carter than George W. Bush when it comes to Foreign Policy. Maybe they should ask for it back, perhaps?

Am not saying he shouldn’t do anything but the President should of publicly requested a personal meeting with the Colonel to talk about the situation rather than go direct for the attack.

That’s approach simply provides evidence why our entire relationship with Violence needs to be understood along with accepted that it’s part of who we are for better & worse.

It’s within Nature…

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