Re: The Weather & The British.

From Blogger – Saturday 26th February 2011

Am a British Citizen born.

Yet, what has always puzzled me is the national obsession around the Weather.

As you can see only thing worse is the fashion sense of Michael Fish..!!

I’ve travelled to various locations around the world…

Melbourne, Valencia, Boston, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, Vancouver & Stockholm.

When talking to residents of these cities; nobody moans about their various climates. Not even a word; they get on with their lives.

This then gave me realization around possible origins or background on why us Brits constantly moan about something we can do nothing about?
Then I answered my own question… the desire to travel within the British psyche.

I remember reading; only the Japanese spend more on travel for pleasure / vacation than the British. Yet, the natural national reason the people of Japan do this is around two reasons:

1. For centuries, their island was deliberately closed to the rest of the world until the Americans came post-Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

2. A direct bi-product of the first point was an social awakening resulting in a desire to interact with the rest of the world.

These two points resulted in Japan leading the world in many fields; as people travel then come back with new fresh ideas.

Yet, if the British are at No.2 for the amount spent on Foreign Vacations why hasn’t this impacted on positive Social-Economic change like the Japanese?

The answer is due to the fact that deep down British population is unhappy.

I can only guess that it’s due to the Class-System which tells people they should be happy?

Exhibit A:

British people endlessly talk about needing a long-hot Summer yet the
simple fact is that due to not having such high temperatures; they simply go berserk.

The thing that they endlessly talk about ultimately is that thing of which they can’t handle; it’s not helped by vast amounts of alcohol consumed.

Britain doesn’t have a national identity; perhaps making it the ONLY nation
to be like this? Belgium is made up of two distinctive groups yet they this equals strong identity even if they have of the date of this Blog no government.

‘The highest family in the land’ is really German with touches of Dutch & French (Norman).

The UK doesn’t celebrate a national day of patron saint unlike the majority of its continental neighbours; even that it has one?
No real culture excites as this connects with the actual embarrassing & heinous time that the nation ruled 25% of the planets land mass…
‘Theeee British Empire’.

So, having no real national day makes it possible for the acts of
Empire a.k.a Britishness(what ever this is?) isn’t really faced up to.

I remember watching this Advert from a traditional established British Company…


Exhibit B:


When it was realised, the amount of conversations I directly had or overheard was numerous.

A simple advert seemed to open the desires on a nation.

Am sure that warmer climates do make people more expressive; as you can walk & not have to deal with driving through a blizzard (like I had to do on at least 3 occasions so far in 2011).

Another obvious is that living in a warmer tropical climate makes people both more expressive
& sexual.

Exhibit C:


Like New Orleans.

Yet, the majority of Warm to Hot Climates are places of tension & conflict & this must not be forgotten

So maybe instead of moaning we should be happy with this every evening…


She’s an improvement on Michael.

For a laugh, have a check of:

Weather Geek Website

Classic stuff; yet why would an individual(s) make such a well informed website..!!

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Re: The simple beauty of Bread.

From Blogger – Wednesday 23rd February 2011

21st Century life can at times be very complex yet a simple joy is
when having the pleasure of eating some good Bread.

When having a sandwich that contains good quality Bread & almost instant joyful reaction occurs within me.

It’s strange to place these words but good Bread is just that.

Maybe it’s down to mass production pumping out Bread of a low quality;

yet think about the importance of Bread in your life?

Why not give this a try…


If you haven’t got the time but still want some tasty bread, I recommend…

Available in all major Supermarkets, I go for the Thick variety.
It has both perfect weight & balance when eating; you taste like its worth the money spent.

Maybe the reason why you aren’t enjoying Lunch is due to the type of Bread selected?

It’s simple but good Bread will uplift you.

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Re: Internet is making fools of ‘The Mighty’.

From Blogger – Monday 21st February 2011

The Internet is making ordinary people aware of extreme wealth that exists.

This knowledge is creating questions that lead to more eventually leading
to protest occurring including direct action.

No longer can those that either have this mentioned vast wealth or those
whom are friendly with them can escape these concerns due to them
being connected with the instant digital connected age; as the public
view this age as being about FREEDOM & Instant Super Fast.

Egypt is the perfect example of this in that mass protest was created
as a feeling rather than the possibly ‘old’ needed leadership –
‘Tip of the Pyramid’ conducting the band.
Mohamed ElBaradei attempted to become this figurehead for the
Anti-Mubarak movement but just didn’t get it possibly due to being
68yrs old; people didn’t want a leader but an organic movement.

The Mob it seems doesn’t run on instinct but Twitter;
as seen by the reaction below.


In the days before the Internet; Egypt might have been a little segment
on the news now due to it a Internationalist perspective is emerging.
People demand emotion, then instant ‘I want it NOW’ attitude &
accessibility through Air-Travel is possible.

A growing number of people in the developed word can via saving income
travel to at least one exotic or distance location within their life-time that
was unavailable to their ancestors.
In the early 20th Century; vacation to Egypt was only for the people with
wealth; now in the early 21st Century my Barber lists
Sharm el-Sheikh along with Hong Kong as his favourite places he’s visited.

People that wouldn’t normally be connected… are & that’s the point.
David Letterman even mocked Hosni Mubarak’s speech.

The lack of understanding of this new Digital Age can be seen in the
manner that Saif al-Islam (Colonel Gaddafi’s son) addresses what he
believes is directly to the Libyan population when in-fact it went Global
without the assistance of the state broadcaster.

The Body Language is casual along with words provided.
It seems that even for a young man Saif al-Islam seems to forget that
his people will make direct comparisons with the presentation manner of
President Obama. This compare & contrast can occur due to the Digital age
with people using proxy servers to bi-pass State Controls on the Internet.

Some experts reaction to Saif al-Islam’s speech is rather than calm
the situation in Libya; it’s made it worse as he’s been shown to be an
embarrassment whom has power.
Thus making their nation appear across the Globe as a foolish joke.

Be warned that the below speech is a disgrace for an individual whom
sees himself as a future leader of a nation.
At least Mubarak stood up & looked like a Leader rather than giving the
impression of an arrogant Sir Alan Sugar licker attempting to survive getting
fired in the ‘Board Room’ like Saif’s does.

Yet, the theme of this Blog isn’t just around goings on the Arab World but
also connects with the City that am currently living in Liverpool, UK.

Activists are using Technology as a means of cleverly promoting their
message using humour that’s one thing which can’t be replicated.

I like the ‘Sheep’ section of the video as that currently is the question of
what’s going on in the UK. Some people just care about themselves
attempting to ignore the current economic & social situation.

I personally feel that it’s not yet my time to activity ‘get off the bench’ &
become a player.
As I’ve said in previously am going through an emotional awakening as
Science as been my obsession since 6yrs old; its wonders blocked me
from a lot of things. So; am getting use to looking at the world in a new light
even my interaction with Liverpool is changing.

I saw the city as a place of study & work now due to my current employment
situation am being to see it as my home.
Am stuck with it; so the relationship has changed.
Am from the South of the UK & at times I feel that am in another nation not
just a couple of hundred miles north.

Yet, the thing that grabs me is the laugh the jokes the knowledge of life
being cruel yet also ironic. This is summed up in the below Video.

I’ve got a feeling about Liverpool as a City & a people… something may rise
that might impact the entire nation maybe even the world.

It’s intense & unpredictable but always funny.
An enjoyable mystery to me; at the moment.

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Re: Understanding the logic of St. Valentines Day.

From Blogger – Thursday 17th February 2011

I’ve had to admitted to not only falling for another but as a result
understanding why St. Valentines Day is important & perhaps
the most important day of then year?
I decided to post anonymously a card to an ex-girlfriend whom
lives in another part of the UK.

Rather than send an off the shelf card I bought one but went all
creative in a Blue Peter manner & created my own design.
Contained within it was a theme of how I felt around regret that
our time wasn’t better & how after thinking she was good for me.


Our time ended due to some arrogance on both our parts neither
wanted to submit yet now looking at it both of should have
withdrawn yet young people are but ‘strangers in the world’ &
all that jazz].

Back to reality:

I realized that by sending the card it might twist her head but am
fed-up of being lonely & the fact is that if I don’t get a reaction then
nothing changes.

I mentioned enough for her to know or suspect that it was sent from
me; so it’s her decision on the next move.

At the time of typing this, I’ve heard nothing but I can understand as
the words I put are full of emotion. I wasn’t very good at that during
our time together.

Us Scientists aren’t really known for self-expression; am only finding
out about myself since having this time to think.


I’ve been waiting for a text or even a call even a Facebook message
but nothing. It’s to be expected as she like me is British & that got
me thinking we are all emotional some more than others yet emotions
play a part in life.

Since an early age every Human being has been in contact with the
notion of love. Be that through Music, Cinema, TV, Literature & Art
yet why find it difficult to express this emotion?

If the emotions of love, attraction, lust, sex & romance have been with
us since the start then why aren’t we skilled at dealing with base human

Attraction is the first step towards love; so why is it so random in
performing declaring what you feel inside?



You can either been seen are weird or offensive behaviour yet if the
person is interested then its deemed correct behaviour.
Shouldn’t lessons be giving or advice on how to express emotion
surrounding this on the Psychology of attraction or relationships.

Yet, getting back to theme…

After reviewing my traditional interaction on St. Valentines Day; I’ve
actually enjoyed it. As it’s a set date for people to declare attraction or
existing love without embarrassment due to tradition.

Of course a bi-product of this is capitalism yet its about the meaning
behind that card or bunch of Flowers. An individual deems it necessary
to pay for a product in showing that another turns them on; isn’t such a bad

If all we need is love shouldn’t St. Valentines Day actually mean more
or maybe with some Social Rules applied on how to ask a person for
dinner or a drink.

In the end; shouldn’t every individual feel or experience at least once the
feeling of what true love is from another.

I can’t even believe that I’ve just created this as the person I was just 12mths
ago; couldn’t even deal with the concept of love.

I hope you the reader had at least one card from another in terms of attraction.

Life is short given that the planet is Billions of years old, so should
you be attracted to another attempt to declare this in emotional yet
careful language that must be genuine.

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Re: My week of joining Twitter & Egypt.

From Blogger – Wednesday 2nd February 2011


I’ve decided to finally join Twitter as a means of promoting my Blog.

Yet, when I joined I didn’t realize how powerful it really is all from

a format that allows just 140 Characters.

By connecting with Twitter, I can connect instantly with all types of

people. That’s it’s power the instant delivery of information, thoughts &

emotions. All at the same time; by-passing the normal routes that release

information to the wider population such as Newspapers.

With what’s occurring in Egypt it’s actually blown my mind with the

amount of instant reporting for ordinary people via Twitter.



This has lead me to the conclusion that the Internet with various software

& Websites will change the world dramatically within the next 100.

Individualism is constantly projected by the free-market economic structure

yet a bi-product of this is people view themselves as being separate.

This has created especially within the UK, a erosion of Community.

I predict that as the technology becomes established within the psyche of

the population…


Twitter being used by a sizeable percentage of the UK’s population.

This will result in too many voices along with the fact that due to the

pseudonym nature of the ‘net; strong honest & at times uncontrollable

opinions shall be expressed resulting in possible tension / civil unrest.

Yet, what is exciting is the fact that ordinary people via the Internet are

understanding whom has the wealth along with resources.

At this current time, people exist whom have obtained more wealth than

any period of History.

With this fact, ordinary people will begin to ask questions on why their

standards or *quality of life is decreasing whilst those with wealth increase

on extravagant levels.

This will eventually result in mass open protest having its origins in

Social Network such as Twitter.

Marx prophecy it seems will occur as ‘The Workers’ or ordinary people

will begin to understand the reality of economics therefore demanding more

eventually via conflict.

The weakness of wealth is that’s its simply an elite ‘v.i.p club’ & due to

the promotion of free market individualism; people believe they have

a right to enter & might do via collective pressure.

So an invention that is currently used to generate massive revenue streams

for the already wealthy will eventually topple them.

* The term… ‘quality of life’ will increase in usage & I predict will indicate

unhappiness within a population.

A term that had its origins in academic circles will become a common used term.

If you want to connect with me via Twitter:



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Re: Is this the end of King Rupert’s Empire?

From Blogger – Saturday 22nd January 2010

All Empire’s are designed to end as they make numerous enemies.

This might occur to News International in 2011; as they have pushed their power to far in both the UK & America.


Sun editor admits paying police officers for stories

Whilst Political Class has lost all control over the Banking Sector they will never lose control or say over the mass media.

Fox News within a few short weeks has seen a major ‘sea-change’ against it’s unique style of reporting in America.

Whilst in the UK; the ‘normal person on the street’ that doesn’t really do Blogs or TV News instead being self-obsessed are

beginning to know about the controversial stuff alleged to have gone on at The News of the World Newspaper.

When you over-hear these ‘normal people’ be that on Public Transport or in Elevators talking about such headlines with disapproval tones; am starting to think that the Empire is rocking. Am sure similar types of chatter occurred just before Romania kicked off or Rosa Parks simply couldn’t be bothered to move to another seat.

All things in life start small then if they are tough / in the right living conditions grow & grow until being such a size that it cannot be ignored as it once was.

The entire irony of what’s occurring being that News International has always had an obsession with sensational headlines & celebrity.

What they forgot is celebrities with the aid of the Internet can directly bi-pass them now to reach their fan base & worldwide.

The more important error that News International did was not change their method of reporting on the private lives of these Celebrities.

In the 1980’s; it was allowed to write what they pleased or say what they wanted…

they where the only game in town.

It’s now 2011; even the Iranian & Russian Governments their OWN TV News 24hr Stations that can be viewed in both nations that aren’t necessarily fans therefore even bi-passing the elected Anglo-American governments.

In this new age, Celebrities have serious wealth we’re in the 1980’s they became rich. Wealth is money that has longevity; some individuals earn more in death than being alive. These Celebrities have wealth now;

so can in-fact take on legally News International even through the expensive British Legal System.

Yet, whilst a Blogger realized that the ‘game had changed’ either out of being arrogant or like some many Empires being to bloated to move. News International just went on like it was the 80’s.

So, we have the resignation of Andy Coulson that some say was the decent thing to do.Yet, it get’s people talking or gossip.

The latter that both The News of the World & The Sun are so good at creating.

Yet, the goss is about them how ironic indeed.

News International have upset / hurt numerous people throughout the years; maybe the following saying is appropriate…

‘payback’s a bi%*h’.

Some of these people are wealthy & maybe have connected using logic to feel that

‘my enemy is also your’s therefore we are allies’.

I’ve got a feeling 2011 is going to be very interesting for News International on BOTH sides of the Atlantic.

Freedom of expression is important yet it comes with responsibility.

I found the below segment shown on Channel4 News, very interesting indeed.


The following Report from Channel4 News is very interesting.

Is this the real power of the British Tabloid Press?

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Re: Britain wants to hide; if this happens it will get worse.

From Blogger -Thursday 20th January 2011

I’ve come to a conclusion that the British Population is simply unable to openly express itself emotionally.

A theory within Science is around individuals being creative original thinkers.

This attitude leads to innovation which a bi-product is economic reward for the inventor(s).

This rule is coming into play in this current age; as Technology is moving at ‘lightspeed’ & the nations that

express real freedom of expression shall move forward.

Britain am afraid can’t deal with people that don’t fit into Social Categories.

It’s also a worrying judgemental society delights in blaming others especially within the ‘world of Celebrity’.

Am not really worried as I’ll be soon away from Britain leaving in a place where people celebrate, laugh & dance.

For a nation that has produced such great Artists; it’s population is emotionally backward.

Welcome to Britain – ‘land of contraindication’.

Do you live in the UK or have visited it; what’s your take on my views?

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