Re: If everybody owned a Ferrari; it wouldn’t be special.

From Blogger – Thursday 17th March 2011

Imagine living in a world we’re owning a Ferrari was a common experience?
You’d use it to go to the local Supermarket for the weekly food supplies,
going to work, even driving it to the nearest municipal rubbish dump to get rid of some useless stuff you’ve had for years in that Garden Shed over a May Bank Holiday.

Just have a look at a selected few…

You might view it as actually being fun yet this experience will soon go pretty fast (get the pun pretty & fast = Ferrari). Everybody would have one, suddenly something that’s was attractive partly due to it’s exclusivity would become the new Model T-Ford expect in different colours rather than black.

You might be reading this thinking; has he gone insane about a ridiculous vision of a future world. No; just a clever original example of what will occur to the UK due to the over-population capacity of it’s University system.
If 1 of of every 3 UK Citizens under the age of 35yrs old will have a University Degree by 2020; then what’s the point?

When I attended University in the late 1990’s; the size felt just right. It wasn’t empty yet even during exams the Library didn’t seem crammed.

A friend that now teaches in the same institution told me over Lunch one January afternoon that the Library has to have a member of University Security on the door as if a Nightclub to regulate the amount of people entering & exiting.
Yet, the reason for Security came around a confrontation between two undergraduates over incorrect usage of University PC around Facebook.

This actually occurred:

Student 1: Excuse me, I’ve been watching you?

Student 2: Why?

Student 1: Why are you on Facebook, when people are queuing in the cold to enter the Library. Couldn’t you look at that at Home.

Student 2: You had better read the screen.

Student 1: [Read’s the screen then realizing she’s made a huge faux pas] Ohhh… it’s about your Exam.

Student 2: [In a raised voice] Who the f**k do you think you are; looking at my screen. You some sort of perv?

Student 1: Erm… am so sorry [then suddenly realizing that she’s been called in the Universities Main Library a Sexual Delinquent] What the f**k did you just call me.

Student 2: A fu**ing dirty bi**h; go & try to learn something you ugly cow.

[As the row get’s worse; a member of the University Security arrives after 5mins & duly arrests both possibly under Citizens legality.
Then escorts them out of the building towards his Office.
The Library staff wishing to ‘draw a line in the sand’ order everybody out of the building which is closed for the rest of the day during one of it’s most hectic periods].

As a result Students 1 & 2 had to collectivity meet the Vice-Chancellor & wait for a decision if they would be expelled (almost an impossibility) from the institution. It was decided that they would receive a final warning around their personal conduct along with having to do a number of hours each week volunteering in the local community at one of the Universities projects for the remaining time attending the institution.

My academic friend mentioned that this sent shock-waves through the University but was in his words ‘a Volcano primed to explode’.

(Sort of nice but worrying Photo cause it’s nice; if you get me?)

As the University has to many people within it… Students, Teaching & Non-Teaching staff. Even if the University would expand in size it still wouldn’t be enough.

That’s the central point of this Blog Entry…

The British University system was established around the late 19th Century due to increasing developments in technology along within making sure that the British Empire was ahead of its European rivals.
People who attended where from the higher reaches of UK Society & this remained the case apart from those lucky exceptional poorer few gaining entry via scholarships or the Access Course entry level in the early 1980’s.

Then this fella came with what I view as good intention’s in the early 1990’s to change UK Universities & the society…

John Major’s life story might eventually be made into a rather good Motion Picture. A man who’s parents worked in a Circus becoming Prime Minster of at the time the 4th Wealthiest Nation in the World is some achievement.
Yet, what makes Major so interesting is he achieved in a Society & Political Party that’s about restricting Social Mobility.

Then by some clever ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ get’s his party to agree that making
Higher Education more inclusive was essential to Britain’s future development he even worked with Labour to make this occur. By getting total support for this in Parliament; a drive has since occurred starting in Compulsory Education around the importance of University.

Yet, whilst I admire Major for at least thinking outside the traditional Tory Box his aim was for continued economic growth of the UK rather than an enlightenment renaissance in developing natural academic curiosity in the population.

For anything to succeeded it must always look at it’s origins & for Universities we must go far-back into                       The Ancient World…


Education of a higher level in Greece was about the advancement of humanity not about the development of

just to increase GDP & maintain that all important AAA grade.

Then what of Young People; don’t they see that getting a Degree is devalued year on year simply due to more people taking the exact degree than when they graduated?
All that effort & debt for earning a salary that is lower than people whom took the same degree 10yrs previously..!!

It seems rather than looking at the big picture going to University is now a ‘rights of passage’ experience but you’ve got to remember the UK is a nation of Zombies walking in a direction with no aim or purpose.

Britain is best described in the last moments of the Titanic; everybody knew it was going down yet the Band kept playing on the deck of the Ship.

So, the only one’s that win are big business in that they have a workforce whom can process large amounts of information, are in debt & desperate to live the illusion of Middle Class lifestyle…

The British University system can only ever work if the people involved within it view it more as the Ancient Greeks did rather than the embarrassing present…

Education exists for both the progression & improvement of Society; this has been forgotten.


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